How to De-Scary Your Child’s Nightmares (Grown-Ups too!)

One of the worst things about parenting, (besides the tantrums, lice, sibling-rivalry, grass stains and picky eating), is dealing with your child’s nightmares. You finally get them to sleep IN THEIR OWN BEDS, stumble into your bed and crash into sleep – only to hear a few hours later, ‘Mommy! I had a bad dream!’. […]

Memory Bottle (Because Memories Last Forever)

Memory Charm Bottle I went to the beach this summer with my lovely lil’ ladies and main man. It was your typical beach week, full of sun, sand, sugar, giggles and a few tantrums here or there. I didn’t work besides a few emails. We cooked, sat on the deck overlooking a bay, drank wine […]