What Happened to my Body??? (Life after kids)

So here’s my tum tum as of five minutes ago. Now I never had a flat-ass tummy. EVER. But it was nice. I was happy with it’s size, width, height, girth etc. at any weight I happened to have been at. Then…I kinda had two babies. Let me state two things: I am very grateful […]

Polishing my Shield over My Tender Soul

  Whenever anyone boasts about something they’re passionate about – so deeply that it’s prematurely all up in your business – BE LEERY of their true intentions. Because at times, they’re telling themselves a story they don’t quite believe themselves, a topic they’re not quite comfortable with, a mission they haven’t literally put their heart […]

Everything Presents a Meaning…even Death

For the past two weeks, I’ve been empty. Losing someone isn’t something you’re prepared for. Ok, so this happened. How to pick up the pieces now? How to breathe, laugh at a perverse joke, enjoy a piece of decadent chocolate melting on your tongue, lie in the sun while a Corona trickles down your throat? […]

Out with the Old and In With the New

This morning, some may be cooking, waxing their legs, out in hunt of the most amazing little black dress or buying what’s left of the champagne at the liquor store. The countdown for a new year is here. My countdown is different this year. My wretched day yesterday was a storm of emotions; another year […]