I think my Husband is a Super Hero



There were always subtle signs my husband had unearthly qualities, but it never really sunk in until this weekend. The weekend I discovered my husband was a Super Hero.

We were driving home from a 4th of July weekend, packed with picnics, friends and swimming. Driving on a three lane highway, about five miles from home, my husband apparently put his cape on without my notice.

In the far left lane, a pick up truck cut us off, reducing our speed. Then the truck swerved to the middle lane, leaving Eddie with two STOPPED cars several feet in front of our Jeep. He didn’t slam on his brakes, scream or curse or do any other instinctively-foolish driving maneuver. But rather, effortlessly slid to the middle lane. We virtually avoided; rather prevented a potentially fatal, multi-car accident. The culprit was a slain, small deer in the far left lane, making a few drivers apparently squeamish at the thought of bloody-ing up their cars.

The girls weren’t even aware of the near-miss with catastrophe; one sleeping peacefully in her car seat and the other playing her Kindle princess game. We both continued home in jaw-dropping silence mixed with sporadic bursts of, ‘Oh my god’. We could have…not made it home alive.

I had a flood of emotions. Some upset over the poor little Bambi and the general over-population of deer in the Lehigh Valley. Some shock over what-could-have-been. And complete and utter awe at the realization that my husband is a Super Hero. I was grateful; incredibly grateful to have him in our lives, to be our protectors, to be a safe and alert enough driver to pull off what he did.

I suddenly started recalling all the amazing attributes my husband has, and how they all weaved together from the past eleven years I’ve known him.

Loyal to a fault. Temperament and self-control of a saint. Strong as an ox. Passion of a starving artist. Basically, I realised I’m married to Clark Kent. He even did a project in art school of him exposing his Superman t-shirt underneath a suit. His saintly patience would be severely tested were I to insert the photo here. Suffice it to say, it was amazing and I can’t believe I didn’t put two and two together.

All the typical griping a wife does over the years, (you don’t understand me, you never pay attention to me, you never do the laundry, blah blah blah), was such wasted energy. I got so busy getting caught up the ‘never-does’, that I didn’t see the Prince Charming, the Knight in Shining Armour, the Superman. The man doesn’t over-indulge, doesn’t over-drink, doesn’t smoke/do drugs, doesn’t screw around, doesn’t linger at sports or tata bars, doesn’t hurt anyone in any way.

It was a total, ‘Holly, you’re a dum dum’ moment.

He has been the rock. Never moody, never volatile, always solid. Even in the face of the most unthinkable devastation and loss. The fancy driving techniques that literally saved our lives, were a true testament to what Eddie is all about. Sharp, controlled, even, strong.

Damn. I’m married to a Super Hero. Guess I should ask him if he has any capes that need mending.



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