Turning a Plain Jane Shelf Into Customized Awesome-ness

So I was sitting on the couch, watching an episode of Dexter with my main man. (Yes, we’re freaks and even named our blue pitbull after the hottie-patottie serial killer). And during an awkward scene with Dexter and Hannah, I noticed her awesome pink & white shelves in the background. I’m a gal! We notice the important stuff. I loved the simplicity and clean contrast. So…Miami!


So after my Mom & I surprisingly reupholstered this $70 armchair & ottoman,


I decided to put the fabric scraps to use. I bought a black shelf at Target for $25. You know those rickety folded cardboard pieces that you flimsily nail onto the back of a shelf, yea – well I threw that out. My girls are hard on our furniture and I wasn’t going to waste time covering the cardboard if it was just going to be popped off after their Elmo cookbook got jammed back a wee too far. So I took a plywood sheet scrap from one of my husband’s potentially future projects – oopsie – and cut it to size; about a 1/2″ smaller all round. I laid the wood backing over the fabric and cut to size, leaving about and 1.5″ all around for folding over. Then I took some of his spray adhesive (amazing this stuff didn’t combust since it’s from his art school days) and sprayed half the wood, laid the fabric on smoothly, then sprayed the other half, covering the rest with fabric. Flip it over and spray aso  bit on each corner and folder over perpendicularly (isn’t that an awesome, seldom used word?) over the wood corners. Give that a few minutes to dry, then working on each side, spray and then fold over. Hopefully this will go against your wall so the back won’t matter much. Unless you’re a stickler and need to things to be pretty all ’round, like matching your panties to your outfit. Now that the back is nicely covered, tack it onto the back of your assembled shelf. If you’re working with 1/4″ thick plywood, you’ll want longer nails that just tiny tacks that were most likely provided with the shelf. Here’s where I wasn’t too careful. If you’re not paying attention to the placement of your nails, you can valiantly get through the backing but it’ll go right past the 3/4″ shelf edging and basically nail into…nothing. So tack your nails approximately 1/4″ in from the edges to make sure you ‘nail it!’. You could also paint the wood backing to save money on fabric.

And here’s what you get:


A customized shelf for about $35. So while you may not have a sexy serial killer boyfriend in Miami, you CAN have a ‘killer’ shelf. 😉

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