Memory Bottle (Because Memories Last Forever)

Memory Charm Bottle

I went to the beach this summer with my lovely lil’ ladies and main man. It was your typical beach week, full of sun, sand, sugar, giggles and a few tantrums here or there. I didn’t work besides a few emails. We cooked, sat on the deck overlooking a bay, drank wine and soaked in the calm of doing nothing. Then after settling back home, I had a serious case of post-vacation blues. Why can’t all my days be carefree, watching my kids giggling in the ocean? After Googling coping skills – I Google EVERYTHING – I decided to make this Memory Charm Bottle to happily recollect our moments of sunshine.

Memory Charm Bottle

Really easy to make! Start making/collecting while still on vacation!

You’ll Need:

Wine Bottle & Cork

Sand (if at the beach) or Dark Soil (if camping or hiking) or Small Stones (if in a far away place)

Choice photo images from your vacation: candid moments of laughter, smiles and love.

Collected Treasures e.g. Shells, dried flowers, feathers, special  twigs, small stones, etc.

Laminating Sticky Sheets (no laminating machine needed; basically clear contact paper)

Twine (about $2.50/roll in craft stores)

Spray Glitter (optional)


1. Save a wine bottle you are enjoying. Rinse & thoroughly dry out in the sun. Save the cork!

2. Once dry, fill the bottle with sand from the delicious beach you relaxed on. (Your kids can help with this part). Cork it up.

3. Go home and unpack and don’t cry; there’s always next year!

4. Print out your photos in sizes no larger than 2″x2″. Use laminating sticky sheets to cover the front & backs of photos. Use either a hole puncher or scissors carefully, to make holes for the string. Loop string, anywhere from 5″ to 7″ in length through the hole and knot closely to the photo. Leave a ‘tail’ of the remaining 4″ to 6″.

5. Lay out your treasures and choose which ones you’d like to add as charms. Take string and wrap strategically around each piece. If your piece doesn’t have curves to catch the string, you can superglue the string into place rather than rely just on knots. Make a few knots close the piece and allow an additional 4″ to 6″ piece of string as a ‘tail’.

6. Take both the photo and treasure charms and tie to the base of the bottle neck. Arrange them in varying lengths and spread out to view easily from the front.

6. Cut a length of twine approx. 9″ long and wrap around the base of the bottle neck, once or twice and then form a tight knot. Leave approx. 3″ of string to pull up and drop into the bottle. Tape in place. Holding all ‘tails’ of tied charms UP, take the roll and wrap from the base up; around and around repeatedly, covering the charm knots, and all the to the top of the bottle. Once you’re happy with the amount of wrapping, cut approx 2″. Un-tape the reserved piece tucked in the bottle and tie a knot with the end of your wrap-job. Do triple knots and then trim ‘tails’ to approx. 1″ so you tuck into the wrapped length. Use a butter knife to wedge in if necessary.

7. To finish off your Memory Charm Bottle, you can stick small feathers down into the wrapped twine or even add a little spray glitter to your charms and twine.

8. Voila! Place on your dresser or kitchen counter to remind yourself everyday of your joyous moments in the sun with your loved ones. ❤

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