mom, make a wish

my daughter has recently been enthralled with dandelion wishes. she’ll run through the yard and find these wish ‘bottles’ for us.


while my girl is probably wishing for a pony, a new dollhouse or candy, i’ve realised that my wishes all center around one thing, ‘peace’. i wish for a peaceful day, year, life. i wish for peace in my relationships. peace in my heart. peace in my mind. i’m not wishing for material gain, to lose 15 lbs, to get a promotion. i just want peace.

she asked me excitedly, ‘so what’d you wish for??’. i tell her i can’t say, or else it won’t come true.

today though, i wished for a continual flow of positive relationships in my life. people i don’t want to lose. and those who i hope derive as much happy energy from me as i from them.

now my 11:11 wishes are entirely silly and selfish. but dandelions, they are serious business. each one being carefully selected by my daughter. so they must come true, right?


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